Pregnancy: Week 39

39 weeks pregnant - Nursery

HOW FAR ALONG? 39 weeks…. only 1+ weeks left. WOWZA!

SIZE OF OUR SWEET BABY?  A Watermelon (probably btwn 19 -22  inches head to heal, and around 7+ lbs).

MATERNITY CLOTHES?  It’s down to just a couple dresses and now that I’m home from work – PJs and maternity yoga pants :).


SLEEP? Not much of it. I’ve been sick for over a week now and just got on a Z-Pak prescription so, sleeping through my cough has been difficult. I wake up at least a couple times to go to the bathroom, and a couple times to blow my nose and cough.

FOOD CRAVINGS?  Cold milk.  Ice cold water. PB&J. Oatmeal. Juice. Not a whole lot of veggies, which is strange for me.

WHAT I MISS?  Walking at normal pace and non-waddle. Maneuvering like “normal” without grunting or gasping for a breathe. Being able to reach my feet. Being able to get up/out of bed normally. Being able to bend over to get stuff. Driving without limited motion/site – it’s hard to turn and look over my shoulder or even just turn the wheel- hah.

SYMPTOMS?  Upper respiratory infection :(.  Occasional hot flashes. The swollen feet have gone down a tad now that I’m at home resting more. My fingers are a tad swollen still. Short of breathe. Sometimes my heart races for no apparent reason.  LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions… Big Belly – I can’t seem to go anywhere in public (no exaggeration) without someone commenting on my belly or asking if I’m having “more than one”.

BELLY BUTTON?  WAY stretched out, and you can see it pop through my clothes now. I’m beyond the point of caring what others see/think.


1.  I did a couple last minute photo shoots for some friends and each turned out great! The light and weather totally cooperated.

2.  Brian and I have now gone out two Saturdays in a row! Look out, Dallas. Of course, we were home before/around 8 pm – haha. It’s just nice to go out to dinner together during our final weeks without a baby.

3.  A friend treated me to a long lunch last week, which was such a nice time together. Then, afterwards I waddled around the mall finishing up some errands and just window shopping. It was nice to be able to take my time and go during the week and not fight a weekend crowd! Although, I was exhausted by the time I got home.

4. I’ve been chipping away at my never-ending TO DO list, which feels great. I’ve got to stop adding to it, though.  I’m feeling more and more “ready” if baby were to come early.

5. My sweet elderly neighbor (who’s 85+ years old and still does her own yard very well) brought over an adorable little outfit she bought for Brady. It was so sweet of her and she has cute taste!

6. At my last weekly check up, my OB put my on a Z-pak to hopefully kick this upper respiratory infection I’ve got going on. I guess I’ve sorta been over-working myself and not allowing for as much rest as I need.  After going home to rest the remainder of the day, I asked Brian to pick up my Rx and dinner on his way home. He was so sweet to also surprise me with pie and ice cream!!  Yippee!

People keep asking me if I’m ready… I guess I am? I mean, it’s not like I can slow this thing down or speed it up. I’m as ready as I can be. I’m also not to my tipping point of “get this baby out of me!” yet, like most women seem to be around this time. I think I’ll miss being pregnant (or at least parts of it).  People are a lot nicer and considerate of a big pregnant woman in the grocery store and in public places than they are “regular” people. Also, If I drop something people are super quick to pick it up for me. I think I’ll miss that. And also sometimes getting away with “I’m pregnant and I want to eat that, so I will.” – not that I’ve gotten out of control or anything, but I’ve got some work to do once this baby is out of me and I’m able to work out again. I think the biggest thing I’ll miss are the baby kicks/movements. That’s gonna be strange to just one day not have that inside my belly. It’s almost like we have this secret language between the two of us right now.

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  1. Marilyn (Tittoo) Heath Morgan says:

    Lauren, it has been such fun keeping up with your journey. What a lucky baby he is to be born into such a loving, caring family. Family is everything….and God. And you have both of those things. You are blessed! ♥

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