Spring Yard Work: Flowers, Shrubs, Dirt and Mulch

The other weekend Brian did a nice re-vamp or spring cleaning of our yard, if you will.  We had some nice top soil delivered by a real dump truck!  He spread the dirt in all our flower beds – front and back- after picking weeds. What a great husband!  (And that’s just the start of it.)

After he picked weeds, uprooted a small bush/tree, and spread soil in all the beds, we went to Calloway’s Nursery and selected some new flowers, plants, bulbs, and shrubs for various sections of our yard.  Our main concern was our front right flower bed. It previously housed about 6 rose bushes and only 2 were performing well. They were bare and didn’t hide the base of the front of our house, which is preferred.  He transplanted the 2 good rose bushes to the left front bed and added  6 new shrubs to the right front bed that should grow to about 3 feet max height.

My responsibility was to plant the small flowers in the back yard and the blue hanging pots on the front left of the house. I love getting my hands dirty every now and then. There’s just something about working with the earth that calms and soothes me. I’m so grateful for beautiful flowers and small things we tend to easily over look.  We picked out a variety of small “wild” flowers to go in the bed at the end of the car port in the back yard. I also chose a hot pink azalea and a beautiful succulent for the two yellow pots out back.

After everything was planted and Brian mowed our yard (and the neighbors!), he picked up some mulch and spread it in the front two beds, which was the perfect finishing touch! I’m so grateful for all his hard work. Let’s pray for a mild summer and not another crazy hot  summer that reverses all of our hard work (like last year)! The very next day we had a huge storm roll through that washed some of the new dirt out, but gave the yard a nice big drink, thankfully.


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  1. Amanda B says:

    What a cute house you guys have!! I love to do yard work too, but we are in desperate need of some new grass laid in our front yard. Looks nice!

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