Thanksgiving 2011 in Dallas

Thanksgiving has been a whirlwind the past couple years since being married. Last year we drove to Kansas and spent Thanksgiving with Brian’s grandma, grandpa, aunts & cousins. Brian’s sweet grandma passed away in February. So, this year things were a bit different for the holiday.  It was the first time in 28 years my husband didn’t travel to Kansas for the holiday which, it was a bit surreal to him. My brother in law and his puppy, Troy stayed with us the night before Thanksgiving. Troy is also a Golden Retriever, but is way darker, leaner and much more “active” than George. Also, he jumps straight up in the air like a deer, which is pretty funny.

We gathered at my father in law’s house here in Dallas, along with 20 other family and friends from all over the country and DFW metroplex.  It was sorta a potluck Thanksgiving. I brought as much as I could cook the days leading up to Thanksgiving, which consisted of: my aunt’s famous bacon wrapped green beans recipe, homemade cranberry sauce (first time making this and loved it!), honey butter (which I am now addicted to) & rolls, spinach salad with candied pecans & strawberries, and of course my go-to hors d’oeuvre of cream cheese drizzled with raspberry chipotle sauce & crackers. The honey butter was a huge hit.   The Dallas Cowboys game was on as we filled our bellies and visited with family before returning home so we could get up at 3 am Friday morning to drive to Del Rio. That’s right…. not shop on Black Friday (which you’ll never find me doing) but driving.

It was dark and cold outside and we were loading the car by 3:30 am on Friday morning to head down to Del Rio (Texas border town) to my dad and uncle’s deer camp. It’s an 8 hour drive ONE-WAY. You better believe I stocked up on good books, magazines, and a few DVDs for the drive.  We spent a few days down there “roughing” it and Brian hunted almost every chance he got.  I’ll have a later post with photos from Deer Camp.

Here are some favorites from Thanksgiving in Dallas.

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