New York Wedding & Travel Photos- Amy & Eric get hitched

Two months later…. I’m blogging about our wonderful trip to New York to celebrate a friend’s wedding back in October. This one’s a doozy. Get ready for a lonnnng blog post.  Brian and I traveled to NYC and stayed at a friend’s apartment for one night before exploring the city and heading up to Cold Spring via train along the Hudson. It was great. Quite a physically intense trip (tons of walking and dragging our suitcases (and camera) across the city, on to and off of planes, trains, cars, etc…) but it was worth it. We walked so much (80 blocks) that the sole of my boot literally came off. I know.  This was my second trip in 4 years. The first time I stayed with the friend that got married (Amy).

We met up with some friends for dinner and drinks the first night in the city. The following day we explored the city (walked in a few circles), skipped through Central Park (ok, not really, but almost because I was so happy to have reached our destination- The Metropolitan Museum), wondered through one of the best/biggest museums ever,  before treking to Grand Central Station to catch a train to Cold Spring. No one would give us a cab ride from my friend’s apartment to Grand Central (so stupid) so we literally walked across the city lugging suitcases. Turns out I ran into a friend from college on the way. Small world.  My only regret is that we didn’t explore more restaurants and good food while in the city. There just wasn’t enough time.

We took the Friday rush-hour train up the Hudson to Cold Spring, NY and it was such a beautiful trip with the sun setting and the Fall colors passing by in a blur. We were both so exhausted from our trek across New York City that we might have nodded off a few times. We almost missed our stop. After frantically asking the person in front of us what stop it was (the location sign was blocked) I pretty much yelled at Brian to exit and then threw open the door that wouldn’t seem to un-stick itself,  jumped off the train,  and of course my bag got quasi-stuck in the process so everyone in the train car was watching with big eyes as I had a minor panic attack and Brian took his sweet time.  Once we were onto the deck, the train just sat there for about another minute and 30 seconds. Awkward stares. So, I didn’t need to have that panic attack after all. Oh well, it’s funny to laugh at now.

We had a short little walk through the tiny town on the Hudson River called Cold Spring. It’s filled with Bed and Breakfasts and cute little boutique store fronts and cafes. We stayed at The Pig Hill Inn. It was perfect. We had a relaxing afternoon nap and some surprisingly delicious food at a bar/restaurant up the street (across from the church where Amy and Eric got married).

When we returned to the B&B we were greeted with a warm pie and our choice of coffee/tea waiting in the breakfast nook. So nice.  Before the wedding the next afternoon, we explored the cute little town. We had a delicious homemade breakfast (BEST part of the bed and breakfast besides the fact that the rooms were tv-free), walked through a little park on the river, took some photos and a quick nap, then off to the wedding! We were so close we walked.

The wedding was wonderful. It was so weird seeing so many familiar faces while in another state. That’s what friend’s weddings will do.  It was in a beautiful Episcopal church surrounded by loved ones. Since Eric is a photographer in NY, there were LOTS of other photographers present. It was probably one of the most/best photographed weddings next to a celebrity’s wedding. Amy donned a beautiful Vera Wang dress. Their reception was at an amazing farm about 20 minutes up the road from the church. It was perfect. And so was the food.  We had passed appetizers, candy on each table, a dessert “bar”/table (provided by their friends who like to bake), freshly cooked pizza- it was never ending. There was even a camp fire and scarves provided for the ladies if they got chilly (it was unseasonably warm during the day and freeeeezing at night.) Thanks, New York. Eric’s photographer friend set up a polaroid photo station in one of the green houses, which of course was a big hit. It was so fun. Brian was the first to incorporate a prop (boxes of tomatoes and I grabbed the cat- duh.)

Here are some of my favorites from the weekend. You can view the entire (200+ images) Flickr Gallery here.

Wish we had more of these in Dallas.

I think I heard angels singing as we passed.

Grand Central Station

He's frightened...

Amy and Me

The newlyweds

Guess he thinks this is a good spot to read a book?

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