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I’m playing catch up on personal photos and blog posts now that I’m on official “maternity leave/baby watch”.  In November (2016), about a month after I learned I was pregnant and Brian had just come home from a 3 week offshore hitch, we headed to our favorite beach spot for the day. It was one of those great spontaneous beautiful beach days. I’m SO grateful for the proximity we are to the gorgeous Oregon coast (1.5 hours).  We stopped at the cutest little bakery/coffee shop near Cannon Beach called Sea Level. I enjoyed a nice London Fog, Brian had a latte, and Brady a hot chocolate. We also all shared a big cookie with our picnic that we packed. Even though I was feeling a little yucky at times, it was a chilly beautiful beach day.  Once the sun started setting, I nestled up against a nice big piece of drift wood and covered myself in Brian’s jacket while I watched them play (and of course, took pictures.)

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