Some of my favorite moments with Brady are when I sit down and intentionally play with him. Here he’s playing Lincoln logs and being his silly imaginative self (back in January 2017). What a special sweet boy he is.

2017_01_BradyPlaying_HighRes_2511__5x7_ 2017_01_BradyPlaying_HighRes_2515__5x7_ 2017_01_BradyPlaying_HighRes_2519__5x7_ 2017_01_BradyPlaying_HighRes_2523__5x7_ 2017_01_BradyPlaying_HighRes_2530__5x7_ 2017_01_BradyPlaying_HighRes_2533__5x7_ 2017_01_BradyPlaying_HighRes_2552-2__5x7_


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