We enjoyed our second Christmas morning in Portland. I’m so grateful Brian’s schedule had him home for Christmas! I was about 2 months pregnant in these photos. The first couple are from before our Christmas church service, followed by dinner at a friend’s house. Brady asked for a “red speed bike” for Christmas so, that he got (along with EVERYTHING else from the grandparents!)  I *thought* I took a video with my big camera, but I guess not. Ill try to piece meal the iPhone videos and put something together. It’s always such a weird balance to try and photograph the memories, but also be present and enjoy the memories from Christmas morning!

2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8170__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8180__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8186__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8187__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8188__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8189__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8190__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8193__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8198__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8202__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8204__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8206__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8213__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8215__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8217__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8219__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8221__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8225__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8226__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8233__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8244__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8248__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8250__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8251__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8255__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8258__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8259__5x7_ 2016_12_Christmas_HighRes_8267__5x7_



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