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These are some of my favorite Portland family mini portrait sessions from this Fall…

This first session was on a beautiful property near Hillsboro out in the country. The property had an incredible little vineyard on it. The surrounding trees were on fire with various deep purples, yellows, reds, and greens. It was breathtaking!

The second session was a fun challenge! It was raining BUCKETS, but the client was sure they wanted to continue with the in-home/outdoor session. They have an amazing yard with a forest and creek and gazebo, so we hopped around (in rain boots) to various locations on their property and shot a little inside, too. It’s hard to imagine, but it was basically dark outside when we were shooting. And it was barely 4 pm in October. Gotta love the PNW.  Thank goodness for an awesome camera that allows me to shoot in situations like that without too much hinderance.  They were great sports and we had fun and made do with the rain and beautiful surroundings! Who needs a super formal family portrait when you can gather ’round in your Portland rain gear and be your beautiful self?!

I’m so grateful for both these BEAUTIFUL families! Isn’t Oregon gorgeous, too?!

_2015_11_Staley_WebRes_1641 _2015_11_Staley_WEBRes_1664 _2015_11_Staley_WEBRes_1670 _2015_11_Staley_WEBRes_1721 _2015_11_Staley_WEBRes_1731 _2015_11_Staley_WEBRes_1754 _2015_11_Staley_WEBRes_1942

001-_2015_10_PittmanMini_Storyboard 002-_2015_10_PittmanMini_Storyboard 003-_2015_10_PittmanMini_Storyboard
This large board washed up onto “land” from their stream. It was a bridge across the stream a few hours earlier.
004-_2015_10_PittmanMini_Storyboard 005-_2015_10_PittmanMini_Storyboard

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I am so excited to share this dreamy maternity/family session! We ventured up to the snowy Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood for some photos of this beautiful family. We had so much fun and I’m so grateful this is only a 1.5 hour drive from our home in Portland! How cool is that (especially b/c we don’t have to live in the snow, but can visit for the day)!?!

The kids were having so much fun being cute in the snow they didn’t even notice it was cold. Sweet (& gorgeous) Amy was such a good sport and let me photograph her until her face was frozen.  I wish I looked this great pregnant! Seth (dad) kept everyone in good spirits by being silly and funny.

What a blessing that I get to do this for my job! Here are some of my favorites from our adventure in the snow…  Who wants to go back?!! Call me 972.768.4306 or email me to book your session.

001-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 002-_2016_01_PattersonMaternityMaternity_Storyboard 003-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 004-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 005-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 006-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 007-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 008-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 009-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 010-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 011-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 012-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 013-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 014-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 015-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 016-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 017-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 018-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 019-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 020-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 021-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 022-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 023-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 024-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 025-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 026-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 027-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 028-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 029-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 030-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 031-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 032-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 033-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 034-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 035-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 036-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 037-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 038-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 039-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 040-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 041-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 042-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 043-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 044-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 045-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 046-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 047-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 048-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 049-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 050-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 051-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 052-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 053-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 054-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 055-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 056-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 057-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 058-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 059-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 060-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 061-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 062-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 063-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard 064-_2016_01_PattersonMaternity_Storyboard


Shannon Hager - Feb 2, 2016 at 12:02:29

These are wonderful Lauren!! What a beautiful family. I love the snow and I love the clothing they choose. They all look so happy. Great job!

Amy van Riessen - Feb 2, 2016 at 12:02:18

What fabulous photos showing the joy in this family! Great job Lauren!

JEssica Hunter - Feb 3, 2016 at 02:02:42

These are absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to cozy up with my family next to the fire <3

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I’m SUPER excited to announce the upcoming photography studio open house on Saturday, Feb. 13th from 10 am – 3 pm in my new studio located in downtown Lake Oswego!!  Bring your little valentine(s) and come see the new Lauren Allen Photography studio & show room.

– 1 complimentary (quick) portrait per child will be delivered to you via email (printable up to 5×7). This is for children older than 6 months (who can sit up) and younger than a high school senior.

– I’ve partnered with some great local businesses! We’ll raffle off a punch card for  Play Boutique ($60 value!), a $20 gift card for Chuck’s Place (coffee/brunch), a coupon code off your next class at Nic & Fig’s Makery, and a pedicure at Shear Creations (yes, please)!
[Click on the business name to see their websites!]

– Also, I’m offering 10% off ALL sessions booked while visiting the open house! (This almost never happens!)

Don’t miss out on all this fun!!
Please RSVP to:
Studio Open House_Final_Border

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