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I had the pleasure of photographing sweet baby Lily and her parents in beautiful nearby fields – one of which was sprinkled with beautiful red/coral colored wild flowers.  Lily is so precious she reminds me of a little baby doll with her big blue eyes and rosy cheeks. And those arm rolls!!  She was so well behaved for our portrait session!! She’s about 7.5 months old in these photos.  They ordered a lovely  wall gallery collection in dark espresso wood frames featuring  the most beautiful images that I can’t wait to see displayed in their home.




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Oh, Brady boy…. you are such a GIFT. A funny, intelligent, creative, expressive GIFT. You turned 17 months old at the end of March 2014.  You are so full of LIFE and LOVE. Dad was home for 2 weeks in the middle of March. Dad taught you a new trick: how to “play the guitar.” You stick one arm up in the air and then you strum your chest with your other hand. Sometimes you even put attitude into it by leaning to one side. It’s quite hilarious! Now, whenever you hear music (at the store, on the radio, on the TV) you automatically “strum” – sometimes with just one hand and maybe even while multitasking.

The beginning of March marked our finality of nursing. Thankfully, the Lord prepared my heart for the transition (you are quite independent) and I wasn’t too sad. I knew it was coming and we gave it a good long 16 months (!!!). You’re just growing up and I’m beginning to face that ALREADY.  However, I had no idea why I was feeling so strange for 2 weeks (following quitting nursing) until a friend mentioned maybe that’s why I was having such weird physical and hormonal symptoms (ocular headaches, LOTS of anxiety, nervousness, sorta fever but not really, hot flashes, feeling like I was about to get sick but it never stuck, sporadic insomnia, loss of appetite, etc…) Turns out all those things can happen when you quit nursing due to a big hormonal shift, but I figured since we’d weaned so slowly that it wouldn’t be a problem.

You are starting to sit and play alone for longer periods of time, which is a HUGE blessing since Dad is away for 2 weeks at a time for work. It gives me a bit of a break to take care of chores. You like to play with your Little People school bus. Sometimes I catch myself just watching you.

You went through an aggressive temper phase where you would slap and claw at my face when you were frustrated. You would even laugh while doing it, but then other times you’d meltdown crying and cuddle into me. We had several public full body tantrums, too. Thankfully, the clawing didn’t last long!

You LOVE airplanes.  You like to point out different sounds while you’re in  your high-chair eating. You point to the sky if you hear an airplane, or point towards the backdoor if you hear a dog barking and you try to imitate the noises. You still mostly babble, and we only understand a few of your “words.” We can’t wait until you really start talking. You’re going to have such great things to say!

You enjoy coloring with crayons. I covered your little table with white paper and you went to town. Also on the walls (thanks WD-40!). You’ve enjoyed playing under the dining room table lately. Whenever Dad was home between hitches, he built you an awesome cardboard fort around your little table and the table in the living room. He also took you to Target and y’all came home with several toy airplanes and swords – hah!

You had a very short first fever of 100 degrees, accompanied by a massive cold and thankfully it was gone within a few hours. You raise your arms next to your face in a “I don’t know?” expression often. You wave at your food if it’s cold or hot.  You still cry every time I put your food in the microwave. Everyday. Not sure when you’re going to learn that you still get the food even though it goes into the microwave?  You enjoy helping close doors (pantry, laundry room, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc…)  You wave at people and blow kisses when they leave (or when we say goodbye on FaceTime, which sometimes you try to kiss the screen).

We visited family in Katy for a few days and celebrated (uncle) Sam and (aunt) Lisa’s 9th birthday. Dad and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and took you to dinner at All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum and you were the BEST behaved we’ve ever seen. It was such a treat!!

We seem to visit the Dallas Arboretum at least once a week these days, which is such a blessing and a fun place to play!  You recognize flowers and “smell” them by closing your eyes and blowing softly on them. haha…

I   gave you your second hair cut since it was all in your eyes. You are such a cute little boy, Brady. We love you tons!

Arboretum Video:

Another Arboretum Video (Instagram):


Airplane Video:





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