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Brady, you turned 8 months old at the end of June. Time sure is flying! You are changing at such a fast pace. You kicked off this month with a little congestion. It didn’t seem to bother you too much, only when you nursed or slept.  When we use the bulb syringe to clear your nose, you toss and turn about and make funny faces while trying to dodge it so, I have to hold you in my arms while we do it. You make the funniest faces while trying to look at as it gets close to your face. You blow bubble/air out of your mouth with your tongue as if you’re trying to help. You also love to chew on it.

My goodness you are becoming mobile quickly. You are still rolling everywhere, but have added a nice army scoot/crawl to your bag of tricks. Your a fast little bugger.  You are also making many sounds and syllables quite loudly: “Tsss….dahhh…dahhhh…tss..tss…”

You’re nursing 4x a day now. 8 am, 12 noon, 4 pm, and 8 pm. Nursing has been hit or miss lately. We had a good month or so of nursing. Now your decision to nurse or not is so sporadic. Sometimes you’ll only take one side (doesn’t matter which side) and sometimes you’ll nurse for a few seconds then want to play or act unsatisfied. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with my supply.  I’ve considered myself pretty patient through this whole “new mom” experience, but this one really pushes my buttons. It’s probably because I really dislike pumping when you’re right here to nurse. It basically adds an extra hour into our routine that I don’t plan ahead for (20-30 min to pump since the pump works way less efficiently than a baby nursing only 10 minutes) and 20 minutes to formula bottle feed. It’s even more difficult to pump when I am home alone with you because you’re so mobile. I bet you have a visual in your head now of me chasing a baby around while trying to pump. It’s not funny until a few hours/days later.  As much as I’ve disliked pumping, it’s given me an opportunity to save up my freezer supply for RaRa to feed you while we’re in Colorado for a friend’s wedding.

After each first 3 nursing sessions in the day you eat about 4 oz of homemade pureed solids. You’ve enjoyed just about everything I’ve given you. The first bit evokes a “Mom, what is this weird stuff?” facial expression, followed by nice sized bites that show you approve and want more. So far I’ve made all your baby food from scratch. I’ve followed most recipes from Annabel Karmel’s  Top 100 baby purees, but sometimes I’ll just puree some left over fresh fruit we have. You start the day with a mashed banana mixed with oatmeal. It’s so easy/convenient/cheap.  I’m glad you’re a good eater (hope that lasts!). Then, we do veggies at lunch, and more fruit (and occasionally veggies) at “dinner”.  You’ve started drinking a few sips of water from a little Doidy cup. You inhale really big and swallow too much and get anxious/excited. Or you just blow bubbles into the water.

You are napping two times a day from 10 am – 12 noon and 2 pm – 4 pm ish. Most evenings you’ll also take a cat nap within the 6 pm hour.  Lately you rest your head on my shoulder before bedtime or nap time. You could ask me for a pony while you do this and I’d buy you 10. It makes me so happy and seems to be the only time you sit still (besides when you nurse most of the time). All feels right in the world and it makes my heart go pitter patter. We moved your crib down to the lowest rung so that you cannot escape now that you can sit up on your own in your bed. You’ve been sleeping well at night, as well…. probably about 10-12 hours consistently. It’s amazing what sleep will do for me! I’m really starting to feel “normal” again. As normal as it’s probably going to be for a while.

You spit up a lot less these days, which is a HUGE blessing. It’s so much more enjoyable.  We bath you in the big bathtub in my  bathroom around 7:45, then nurse, and then bed. You enjoy baths. Rara got you some rubber duckies/toys for the bath that you like playing with.

You seem to be teething very much lately. So much drool and hands in your mouth constantly. Your first little tooth on the bottom started popping through around June 21!

In the living room we keep a small basket of your toys. It’s so cute how you know this is yours. After breakfast each morning you dump over / pull out every toy and seem to enjoy them.  Your favorite toy is the wooden spoon. Of course you also enjoy non-toy toys like boxes, paper, tupperware and shoes laying on the ground. Also, you LOVE tags. You find them in the most peculiar places, too.

You learned to clap at 7.5 months old. It only took you about 1 day to learn! Once you got the hang of it you clap all the time. You’ll even stop nursing to clap. Sometimes you don’t even stop nursing, you just start clapping – hah!  Right around this time is when Brian lost his job so he’s gotten to spend lots more time at home with us. It’s a blessing that he gets to see you growing and changing so quickly during this time. It was hard when he only got to see you for an hour or two in the evenings after work. Now we do fun-family-activities during the daytime when I’m not freelancing. We went to the Dallas Museum of Art and they have the best baby play room! Sometimes we go on family walks/jogs at the lake. This was Brian’s first Father’s Day, which we celebrated after we got home from an out of town wedding as a family and I made his favorite homemade banana puddin’.

We try to limit our exposure to the intense outdoor summer heat, but when we are outside your cheeks get so rosy, and boy do you sweat! It’s cute. We’ve been swimming at Grandpa Clif’s pool a couple times, which you like even though the water is almost always very cold. It’s refreshing in this heat, though.

This month we had a garage sale at our house with another family from our church home group. It was a success! We also traveled to San Antonio for a college friend’s wedding weekend. This was your first time to stay at a hotel and you did pretty well. RaRa, Aunt Di, and Gammy also stayed at the hotel and babysat you while we attended wedding events throughout the weekend. It was a blessing to have their help and to see them (briefly), as well as, some of my cousins. You got to see the RiverWalk on probably the hottest and most humid weekend ever.  You turned 8 months old the week we left for a friend’s wedding in Colorado, which I’ll write about in your next blog post. Lots of traveling this summer!

It’s only getting more fun each month. I’m excited to see how you develop crazy little boy!


_2013_06_Brady_Storyboard001 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard002 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard003 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard004 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard005 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard006 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard007 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard008 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard009 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard010 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard011 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard012 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard013 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard014 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard015 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard016 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard017 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard018 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard019 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard020 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard021 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard022


_2013_06_Brady_Storyboard023 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard024 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard025 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard026 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard027 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard028 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard029 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard030 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard031 _2013_06_Brady_Storyboard032_2013_06_Brady_Storyboard033

Video of Brady “talking” loudly while wearing a mini sombrero!
Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 9.10.26 PM



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We finally got to spend some time with my Dad, Daria, and the kids. We usually only get to stay with them or see them in passing while we’re in town for a wedding or holiday that’s mostly spent with my maternal side of the family.  It was so nice not to have an agenda and just hang out with the kids and have good long conversations. We also swam. It was Memorial Day weekend… isn’t that what you’re supposed to do as an American? George had a blast fetching the tennis ball for hours on end. So much that his paw pads were raw the next day and he developed a hot spot or two deep in his coat and we had to shave those parts.  :(  Brian tossed Sam and Lisa around in the pool and then we all (including Dad) had a water fight with nerf guns and the whole bit.  It was Brady’s first time swimming! He really loved it. He especially liked lounging in his float, as well as, getting out and splashing the water with his hands while sitting on the top step with us. He turned 7 months old during Memorial day weekend. All around, it was refreshing and good quality time spent with the family. Sam and Lisa are growing way too fast!  I did a quick portrait shoot for an old friend while in town and also did a quick portrait session of Daria with Sam and Lisa in a beautiful field dusted with yellow wild flowers. I’ll post those in another blog entry. Here are some photos from the great weekend. Thanks to Daria for capturing some of the cute swim photos of our little family.

_2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard001 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard002 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard003 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard004 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard005 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard006 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard007 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard008 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard009 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard010 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard011 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard012 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard013 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard014 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard015 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard016 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard017 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard018 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard019 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard020 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard021 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard022 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard023 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard024 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard025 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard026 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard027 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard028 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard029 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard030 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard031

_2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard050 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard032 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard033 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard034 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard035 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard036 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard037 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard038 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard039 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard040 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard041 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard042 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard043 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard044 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard045 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard046 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard047 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard048 _2013_05_MemorialDay_Storyboard049


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It’s still crazy to me to think that I’m a MOM. It’s such a blessing and quite a huge calling. It’s the most important thing you can do. I can’t believe God has entrusted me with this little guy. Part of me wants to hold onto him FOREVER and keep him in a bubble to “protect” him, and another part of me wants to be so obedient to God and send him on his way into this harsh world as equipped as I can possibly help him to become.  When I look at him my heart starts to hurt, because I realize I love him so much and I will never be able to completely protect him from this harsh world. He will get hurt and I can’t stop it. That scares me, but such is life. All I can do is to love him and help shepherd him and prepare him to become independent, while depending on the Lord.

This was my first “official” Mother’s day (last Mother’s Day he was in my belly). We had Brian’s mom and sister and family over to celebrate. We shared a meal (Fuzzy’s Tacos… mmmm..) and indulged in some yummy cupcakes. Here are some photos of the moms, as well as, Brady and his cousin, Alexis. (Yes, this is 2 months delayed. Sorry.)

_2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard001 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard002 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard003 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard004 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard005 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard006 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard007 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard008 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard009 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard010 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard011 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard012 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard013 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard014 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard015 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard016 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard017 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard018 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard019 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard020 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard021 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard022 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard023 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard024 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard025 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard026 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard027 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard028 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard029 _2013_05_MothersDay_Storyboard030




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