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I recently photographed 10 week old twin baby boys here in Dallas. They were adorable and so well behaved. Chase especially loved having his photo taken. He was smiling and “flirting” with the camera. How cute are those names, too? Chase and Charlie. Below are some shots from our session.

_2013_06_Wise_Storyboard001 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard002 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard003 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard004 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard005 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard006 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard007 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard008 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard009 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard010 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard011 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard012 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard013 _2013_06_Wise_Storyboard014

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