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Brady, You turned 5 months old on March 20. Wow, have you made progress these past several weeks!  You really love to grab at your feet. It started with just a little reach and grab, and by the time you were 5 months you were sticking your toes in your mouth and chewing on them! This is especially popular during diaper changes and baths.  You are becoming more coordinated with your hands/arms when grabbing things.  You also like to explore your tongue this month. The buffalo tongue and some new noises have come with that, too.  You are quick to reach out and touch my face lately, which is endearing.

This month of nursing has been challenging. This is the typical time when babies become distracted with their surroundings and like to explore their new world. You are for sure right in the midst of this stage. While nursing you’ll stop and look up at me, flirt a bit, maybe make some cute noises and then turn your head towards something you may or may not have heard. You also like to pull at my shirt or anything you can get a hold of while nursing. You’re very “busy” when nursing.  I finally weaned you from (CAUTION BOYS) the nipple shield and so now we can nurse without any gadgets,which is a huge blessing and relief! It only took one or two frustrating tries and bam, you were through with it. As you got closer to 5 months you started nursing for MUCH shorter periods of time and would cry in the middle of it and delatch. This was beyond frustrating because I couldn’t figure out why or if you were getting enough food, etc… I had been supplementing you since your 4 month check up (17 weeks) with 2 oz of formula after each feeding to make sure you were gaining enough weight. Honestly, I think the (CAUTION BOYS) nipple shield may have caused a transfer issue. Then, once you weaned from the shield you were able to nurse much more efficiently and would get frustrated after a fast let down and didn’t want to work for it after that. Who knows? The wonderful world of nursing… it’s beautiful and frustrating all at once. :)  Your weight check at 19 weeks was great- 13 lbs 10 oz (gained 1 lb in 2 weeks!)

At the beginning of the month you were still sleeping in your SwaddleMe wrap at night, but at 17 weeks we began weaning you from it. There were some sleepless nights for sure as you adjusted, but you sleep without it now! I was so nervous about you turning over at night and not being able to turn back over since you were swaddled and didn’t have the use of your arms.  Regardless, your sleep patterns are still sporadic. I never know how many times you’re going to wake up or when. For the most part you wake up a couple hours after your bedtime for your paci/soothing, then again around 3 am for a feeding, then again around 6 and I put you in our big bed until you and I get up for a feeding and for the day at 8 am.  Then every once in a blue moon you’ll sleep through the night (9 pm – 5 am)! It’s glorious. I wish you’d do it more often.  If I can just get 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I feel like super woman the next day. It’s amazing. (I say this coming from a sleep pattern of 8-9 hours before I was pregnant. Sigh.)

At 17-ish weeks you started sleeping on your side while cuddling the cute little snuggle blankie. Then, at 18 weeks you rolled over on your own like you’d been rolling over for weeks!  You discovered sleeping on your tummy. Even when I corrected you to your side/back, you’d roll back over on your tummy. I woke up many times at night to creep in and check on you to make sure you were breathing. Ugh, so nerve racking! We spent 5 days at Gammy’s house in Houston while I had a several day photo shoot. You learned to roll over well while we were staying there. My mom and Gammy just loved playing with you while I was out photographing different areas of Houston. It was so nice to have their help. I learned quickly that it’s exhausting traveling alone with a baby. We pulled over on each leg of the trip to breastfeed (and supplement) in the backseat of the car in the middle (literally) of Texas. You mostly wanted to play the whole time and were highly distracted, but we got it done. What’s usually a 4 hour trip turned into a 6 hour trip. hah. Who knew babies has so much “gear” when traveling?! Every inch of the car was filled with stuff.

Your funky left eye mess cleared up all on its own at 17 weeks! Praise the Lord! We were expecting a visit with a pediatric opthamologist to address it. Your hair has grown into this quasi-mohawk thing. It’s so soft and stands straight up towards the back/top of your head. The sides have not seemed to catch up to it yet. The top just keeps on growing.

You like to hold onto your pacifier (which is usually tethered to you) and can take it in and out of your mouth. Sometimes you try to put it in backwards, but at least you’re trying!  At 20 weeks you started doing this thing where you slam your left arm up and down (while usually hitting yourself in the process) when you get excited. It’s funny. Especially if you’re holding a toy.   You’re also in this major pinching phase. Ouch! Anything/anyone that comes near you gets grasped/pinched/latched onto with all your might.  This is what a typical diaper change looks like: I place you on the changing table and you immediately get excited. You slam your arms all over the place and kick your legs,while also arching your back so you’re now turning away from me. I correct you and try to put your paci in and hand you Sofie the giraffe toy. You yip and screetch and giggle and sometimes stop in amazement at the ceiling fan. Then I begin undressing your bottom half. Once I get your diaper off you are beyond excited (you LOVE being naked!) You kick and yelp and put your hands in your mouth and arch your back so your belly is in the air.  At this point I’m usually putting together your clean cloth diaper and setting it near your feet. I clean you up and place the new diaper under you, which you usually kick all over the place and then sometimes pee in the process. As soon as my arm gets close to your feet, you subconsciously kick it away, while latching onto my other arm with your tightly pinching hand. Then as I’m fastening the new diaper on you, you begin to spit up, so I’m now trying to wipe that up while keeping the diaper in place. It’s a balancing act, really. There should be an award given each time I successfully get a clean diaper on you and keep you dry from spit up.

The thing we’ve been most surprised with (regarding this whole baby rearing thing) is how much and how often you spit up. We’d be better off just donning ponchos when around you. Your pediatrician says there’s nothing that can be done about it… you’re just a “spitty baby”. Honestly, it’s super exhausting. I change your clothes several times a day and you usually barf all over the new outfit minutes after I finish dressing you, no joke. Then, I’ll get dressed (after avoiding putting on “real” clothes for the day b/c I know you’ll barf on me) and shortly after picking you up to carry you to your bouncy chair or car seat you barf all down me – haha. Sometimes I have patience with it and other days I’m just human and get really frustrated. It’s extremely rare that you aren’t wearing a bib (that’s soaked in spit up) and therefore, we don’t get to see your cute outfits. When people ask to hold you, we give them plenty of fare warning that they will be spit up on, and try to liberally cover them in burp clothes/towels – haha. It makes it difficult to cuddle with you for fear that you’re going to overflow/barf on me any minute. One time I went in for a kiss on your lips and BLEH you barfed and it just barely hit my mouth before I pulled back as quickly as possible. I’ve since learned. Don’t worry, we burp you plenty but it still comes at all times of the day no matter how much we feed you or when we’ve fed you. You do this thing now where you fight me while I burp you (trying to stand and arch your back), and then you rotate your head from side to side while spitting up in the process to be sure to spray it everywhere. I never thought I’d do so much laundry in my life. This is one “phase” I can’t wait to get through. We love you dearly, but it will be SO enjoyable once this passes (which I’ve read can last until 9 months, Lord help us)!

Not long after you turned 4 months old, I put you on a more structured daily routine. Here’s a rough outline of our daily routine from 4-5 months old:

8 am – Wake up for the day & nurse / supplement with 2 oz formula

8:30 – Play/ awake time  (activity mat) – usually the chipper-est part of your day

9:45 – Nap (lasts anywhere from 20 min – 1.5 hours)

11 am – Nurse / supplement with 2 oz formula

11:30 – Play / awake time  (activity mat / bouncy chair) – rolling all over & batting at toys

12:45 – Nap

2 pm – Nurse/ Supplement with 2 oz formula

2:30 – We usually go to the lake for a long walk/exercise (you usually fall asleep half way in for about 30 min to 1+ hour)

5 pm – Nurse/ Supplement with 2 oz formula

5:30 – “Cranky hour” starts usually right when Dad gets home by 6 pm ish

7:15 pm – Sometimes a 20 min cat nap

7:45 pm – Bath time

8 pm – Nurse / Bed time!

1:30 am – you usually wake up crying and just need your pacifier or something to go back to sleep.

2 or 3 am – You wake up for your middle of the night feeding (quickly nurse and back to sleep).

5:30 or 6:30 – You usually wake up crying and dad or I put you in our bed for a couple more hours until my alarm officially goes off at 8 am for the day. Sometimes you go right to sleep in our bed, other times you roll around & make lots of noise for a couple hours. sigh.

You are still very smiley and giggly, which is such a joy!  You are filled with personality, that’s for sure. It’s fun to watch it develop more and more each week. You giggle a lot during diaper changes and when we make funny noises/faces at you. You like when Dad does funny stuff or makes up funny songs and wiggles/squeaks a toy in front of your face.

We can’t wait to see how you’ve grown at your 6 month check up! Love you, baby.

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Brady, you turned 4 months old on February 20. Now that you’ve passed up the 4 month mark it seems like time is flying and your growing so quickly!  This past month has been a whirlwind. Once you hit 3 months, it seemed like things got a tiny bit easier and you were a lot of fun… then within a couple weeks things sorta went haywire. Your sleep patterns were all over the place, you’d have some really rough grumpy days that were exhausting, then you’d have 2-3 wonderful pleasant days where you’d sleep through the night just fine. We were a hot mess. I’m not sure if you were having an early growth spurt (most of the time it’s around 4 and 6 months, but this was several weeks early), however, we powered through!

We began noticing that you were completely intrigued with the TV. I mean, you are locked in when watching it… no matter what is on the TV. So, I started playing Baby Einstein or Yo Gabba Gabba a couple times so, at least I didn’t feel guilty about you watching TV… at least you’re “learning”, right?  We only do this every couple of days, as to limit your time at passive learning. But sometimes I just need 20 minutes to do stuff around the house… you do what you gotta do.  Once you’re able to really understand that you’re watching TV I’m going to have to really limit your time for sure.

You’ve really started using your feet to do everything. You’re more advanced with your feet than you are your hands most of the time! It’s pretty funny (and amazing how strong you are), except during diaper changes when you kick at my arm as I’m changing you. Such a little monkey!  You’ve also been putting your entire hand into your mouth to chew on, or occasionally just your pointer finger.

About once a day or every couple of days we’ll get the best laugh out of you. It’s a real multi-syllable laugh that is the BEST sound in the entire world. You can’t help but laugh along with you; it’s so contagious.  When you smile it takes over your whole body… you crinkle your core, shrug your shoulders, and your feet sometimes go up into the air.  Sometimes we call you Linus, because you love to hold a blanket up to your face. A lot of times that’s how you fall asleep during the day.

We entered into the wonderful world of cloth diapering at 13.5 weeks old. It wasn’t nearly as nerve-wracking or scary as I was anticipating. In fact, they’re better than disposable diapers. We’ve had way less blow outs! If you can commit to doing a few extra loads of laundry, then it’s great. We’ve saved probably $50 this month on a box of diapers that we didn’t have to purchase. The only negative I can really find is that you are so wiggly and you like to bring your feet towards your face that it’s almost impossible to get the cloth diaper on you during the first try.

As I mentioned before, you sometimes sleep 8 hours straight, but lately you’ve been waking up every couple of hours to be soothed. Sometimes you’ll immediately take your pacifier and fall back asleep (repeat 4x every 15 minutes). Sometimes I have to pick you up and hold you to get you back to sleep, then when I lay you down you cry again. That’s always fun at 2 am when I’m super delirious and can’t reason well… haha. But for the most part we give you a nice soothing bath around 8 pm and then wrap you in your Swaddleme wrap (which is amazing and practically shuts you down) and you fall asleep nursing and sleep until 4-5 am for your first morning feeding.

I’ve been operating between baby-led scheduling and clock-led scheduling lately and we’ve been all over the place. It was difficult for me to get anything done, because I never knew what to expect or when you’d wake up in the morning to start our day. I couldn’t make plans in advance and would often have to alter plans because your feeding schedule wouldn’t match up, etc… It’s times like this I’ll look back and laugh at just how “out of it” I was and how I couldn’t think straight and was operating off of pure “Mommy brain”, but someone reminded me of the Baby Wise book to help guide us into a better routine and schedule. DUH. I totally read this book when I was pregnant with you and forgot about it. So, in the midst of our crazy-all-over-the-place-rough-couple-of-weeks, I stayed up one night to read through it again and powered through a couple of days of guiding you onto a better routine that in affect helps everyone! We now get up at the same time each morning to start our day, followed by nursing, awake/play time, then 90 min after you’ve been awake you go down for a nap. Repeat this several times during the day, and that’s our schedule. You take about 3 naps that range from 20 min – 1 hour in length. You fought me SO hard the first couple of days when I’d lay you down for a nap in your crib, but eventually you went down without a fuss – I felt like I’d accomplished so much!! :) Now I take this school of thought and mix it with my own flexibility and am still aware of your cues, but for the most part it’s really helped get us back on track.  Why didn’t anyone tell me to structure my day like this earlier?!

Since you were born your left eye has acted as if it has a clogged tear duct and doesn’t drain your tears well, and stays watery/goupy most of the day. It’s the worst when you wake up… all crusty and gross. Your pediatrician prescribed you some eye drops that helped for a week or two, but it was still yucky until the day after your 4 month check up when it cleared up on its own (you were technically 4 months and 1 week).  Praise the Lord!


Weight: 12.11 pounds (20%)

Height: 24.5 inches (45%)

Head Circumference: 17 1/8″ (80%) – haha all your groceries went to your head this month!


Here are some photos from recently:




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