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Brian and I are so excited to have a yard, not to mention a new garden! We love Spring time because we get to spend more time outside cultivating our yard. What a blessing. My family has gardened since forever, so I wanted to continue to do the same. Also, there’s just something that stirs my affections for God by gardening and growing stuff. It’s so amazing and peaceful to me.

So, I researched how to build a raise garden bed and how to plan a garden we went to work. So far we’ve built a garden, planted a garden, planted gladiolas (bulbs), replaced dead oleanders with rose bushes, built a compost, and replaced the dead hanging potted plants with beautiful non-stop geraniums. Below are some photos of the process and the outcome. You can view all the photos here.

Assembling and building. He used power tools later.

herbs before they get planted.


ginormous screws.

george sunbathing.

george and his new hoot owl friend.

more of george and hoot owl friend. in a different location.

just before planting the plants

strawberry blossom!

another one of george. he's so cute isn't he?

pretty new rose


non-stop geraniums.

and a nice little plant for indoors. also non-stop geraniums.

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