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Traditions… I don’t really have a lot of them in my life, or at least noticed if I do. Well, I’m gonna start a new one. It’s my first year to be married and it’s time. I’m going to make the same (and maybe more in the future) Christmas cookies every year for neighbors, friends, and co-workers.  This year it was mostly just for our neighbors since we recently moved into our new home. A couple weeks back I did a post  previewing these… but here’s the real thing. (You can view the Flickr set here.)

Brian was sweet enough to accompany me (with George on the leash) to visit a handful of our surrounding neighbors. Gosh, we must be super lame, because besides us only 2 of the 6 neighbors we went to were home.  Oh well, we had some lovely conversations with the ones that were home. I hope they enjoy the yummy cookies. Brian was hovering while the cookies were cooling asking if he could have at least just one. He was super excited when I had left over cookies after boxing the ones for the neighbors.


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This year I’ve received some super cute Christmas cards (and other items) from my clients’  photo sessions. Here are a couple from my great clients. Look- they made a photo cut out, so cool!

Merry Christmas!



Photo Cut-Out !!


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Switch threw the lovely Childress couple a baby shower for their triplets. Yes, triplets.  Everyone in the hoffice pitched in with their talent in one way or another. Ashaun drew/painted the large “Shower” signage, as well as, the name banners (I helped cut and construct.) Kelsey made a diaper cake. The McClards’ provided yummy finger food. I took some photos and set up a slide show for some ambiance. The Dallman’s got a nice large gift from all of us at the hoffice for the Childress’ and brought Branch along for the fun.  The Collins’ brought their twins for a cameo, and some nice hand-me downs for the triplets to enjoy soon.

Here are some neat photos. You can also go check out Christina & Justin Childress’ lovely blog (which they designed and developed) that has a nice entry about the shower.  You can view the entire Flickr set here.

YOU win.

Justin with a diaper-cake head.

Justin dutifully writing down all the gifts.

Of course I got them yellow polka dotted sheets.

Uncle G crackin' jokes.

And we thought Switch couldn't produce more than twins. hah. Triplets!

Funny times.

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