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I just returned from the great state of Colorado and bought a house today. (More on that later). Oh boy was it nice. Summers in Colorado are pretty much perfect. It was a nice treat to escape the Texas heat (108 ish) to the refreshing almost 70 degree weather in Durango, CO. Every year we take a long weekend and go somewhere out of Dallas for a company retreat where we analyze and talk about ourselves (as a company). We always joke about trust falls and such, but I’m hoping we’ll implement them one year.  Last year we escaped to Austin, which was lovely. Who knows where Switch Retreat 2011 will be? Such anticipation!  We also stayed in Santa Fe our last night and had delicious food. I wish I could have snapped more photos there in the daylight. Anyway, here are some fun teaser photos of my view of Durango.  More to come in a later post.

Click here to view entire set on Flickr.

Durango night sky. Long Exposure.

Durango afternoon light.

Matt playing frisbee at downtown Durango park.

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Wow. I can’t believe Brooke is already a senior in high school. Unbelievable. Brooke is my youngest cousin, which means if she’s a senior, I’m old. Yes, I just turned 25. That’s the age I used to “pretend” I was when playing house as a child. Life sure does fly by. Fast.

Anyway, Brooke has blossomed (embarrassing word, I know) into a beautiful young lady. She got ALL the height in the family. All of it. She’s so beautiful inside and out. We had a blast shooting these photos in the 150 degree weather. She was such a good sport and quite the natural. Most of these are shot around the Yacht club in Surfside, TX, where we spent lots of our childhood summers. It’s not a fancy yacht club like you’re thinking. There were people running around without shoes, yelling, and missing a few teeth. We fit right in and loved it.  Her older sister/ my other cousin, Danielle, was a great sport too and assisted me as needed.  Fun times with family.

Just for the fun of it.. here’s a nice childhood photo of Brooke. Sorry Brooke, I had to.

Check out how gorgeous she is. There is a full slide show below.

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One of the cookbooks I received as a wedding gift includes this easy 4 grain batter bread recipe. It called for two loaf pans, which I would have preferred to use just one so that the bread rose higher (because I had 2 different sized loaf pans. Oops.)

Betty Crocker's 4 Grain Batter Bread

It was pretty good, but the slices came out a bit smaller than the typical bread slice, so it was kind of awkward to use for sandwiches and such. I used it for dipping into hummus. Mmmmm….

Here are some photos of the final product. Click here to view the Flickr set.

Doesn’t it look like mountains?

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